Who Uses WordPress and its Endless Capabilities

plugins-sidebar-add-newYour WordPress site can be as simple or as complex as you want. If there is a feature or capability you want to add to your website there are thousands of plugins or add-ons available for free that you can easily install within the admin area of your WordPress site. Simply click on the “Plugins” section on the left hand side of your admin area and you will be able to search for the plugin you are looking to add to your website. You can also discover popular plugins that other WordPress webmasters find useful in this area that you might want to add to your site. A common type of plugin that WordPress users install is a contact form. Here is a brief walk through of how you might search for a contact form, install it, and activate it in order to use it on your site.


Search results for the term “contact form”. Click on “Install Now” to install the plugin you would like to use.


After the plugin is successfully installed click on “Activate Plugin”


The plugin is now activated and you can now proceed to use it on your website.

1 out of 5 websites on the web today are powered by WordPress, including many popular websites such as CNN and TechCrunch. Here is a great chart created by http://www.statista.com/ that shows a window into how much WordPress has grown in popularity over the past ten years with all types of webmasters around the world.

WordPress Powered Websites

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